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Halcyon Hemp

Halcyon Hemp was formed in 2019 with a mission to specialize in scientifically-guided breeding of feminized CBD hemp seeds and to assist hemp farmers, greenhouse growers, craft indoor flower producers and other businesses nationwide in the legal CBD industry. We were built on the premise of helping large farms and small hemp growers succeed in the rapidly changing CBD market.

Formed by two long time colleagues
who grew up in the agricultural region of Southern Colorado. 

Halcyon Hemp was formed by Travis Nelson and Zack Stanifer, two longtime colleagues who grew up in the agricultural region of southern Colorado.  Travis was one of the first three CBD hemp growers in Huerfano County, Colorado.  Since 2015 he has been growing hemp cooperatively with local farmers near his hometown of Gardner. He is the cofounder of the Colorado Hemp Association and an owner of Colorado Hemp Services, LLC.   His passion is the specialized breeding of hemp to produce stable, high CBD, sought after plant growth traits and vigorous new F1 feminized hemp seed varieties.

Zack Stanifer is the owner of Campbell’s Flowers & Greenhouse, the oldest and best known nursery business in Pueblo, Colorado.  Campbell’s has been producing flowers and vegetables since 1890 for southern Colorado.  Zack, a second-generation greenhouse operator with 20+ years of experience, produces a large variety of annual and perennial flower and vegetable plants as well as shrubs and trees each year.

We specialize in scientifically guided breeding of feminized CBD hemp seeds.

Halcyon Hemp saw the need for stable, high CBD, vigorous feminized hemp seeds when,under the 2018 Farm Bill signed into law by President Trump, hemp was removed from the list of controlled substances. “Halcyon,” meaning “a fond memory of the peaceful and happy past,” is excited to move forward with hemp genetic breeding after nearly 80 years of prohibition.

Our breeding strategy is traditional and grounded by focused scientific data.  We are strong believers in F1 genetics as they maintain the desirable traits of both parent plants.  On a yearly basis we take the top CBD and CBG varieties in our genetic library and breed them across feminized pollen of our very best hemp variety, which is determined by an exhaustive battery of testing, data collection and scientific analysis.  Halcyon Hemp has had John Janovec, PhD (Botany) on its team since 2020 to help with scientific oversight and consulting.  The result has been the development of some of the top CBD and CBG feminized hemp seed in the industry.  We are excited to share these feminized hemp seed varieties with your farm, greenhouse or indoor growing facility.