Feminized Hemp Seed Breeding Process

We have worked for the past six years gathering, growing out, breeding, backcrossing, and testing over 100 varieties of CBD hemp seeds.  Many of these CBD hemp varieties originate from Colorado.  On November 6, 2012 Colorado was the first state in the US to legalize hemp when the people passed Amendment 64 of the Colorado Constitution.  Colorado has produced more hemp than the other 49 states combined as a result of leading hemp legalization.

After selecting the best genetic hemp varieties based on scientific testing and analysis Halcyon starts “Mother Plants” of a single phenotype of each top variety.  This specific phenotype is selected for breeding based on multiple qualities including stability of THC levels, high CBD levels and desired growth characteristics.   The mother plants are grown out until multiple sites have developed to take “Clones” from each plant.   Clones are simply hemp cuttings that are rooted out until they develop a strong set of roots.

These clones are then transplanted into the main greenhouse facility in early June of each season.  These CBD and CBG hemp plants are carefully labeled and cataloged by variety and grown out until they start to flower mid-July.

When the hemp plants begin to flower Halcyon uses their proprietary process of treating the “Donor Female” phenotype plants with colloidal silver for approximately 30 days.  This colloidal silver is manufactured on site in our laboratory to ensure the proper parts per million (PPM) and freshness of our colloidal silver to activate the female donor plants and begin to correctly hermaphrodite these plants. The donor plants slowly develop sacs of feminized pollen.  When these pollen sacs open these donor plants are spread out in our controlled environment greenhouse in a grid to ensure equal pollination of plants.  A leaf blower is used to assist in spreading feminized pollen within the greenhouse.  Water walls are used in the greenhouse to prevent unwanted outside pollen from entering the breeding area.

The donor plants are backcrossed against themselves and our top hemp genetic varieties chosen for breeding each season.  Basically, we take our best hemp genetics and breed the best across the best.  The result is ever superior high output, stable and vigorous new “First Phenotype” (F1) feminized hemp seeds.  We believe in the production and use of F1 genetics as they are proven to retain growth traits and cannabinoid characteristics from both the donor and female recipient plants.

Halcyon carefully harvests and drys these plants near late October after the new feminized hemp seeds are completely developed.  The new seed is removed on site using specialized seed removal equipment.  Care is taken to remove as many nonviable seeds as possible.  The resulting feminized hemp seed is carefully separated and cataloged.  Our seed in then cured in a dark temperature and humidity controlled room.  After going through the curing process Halcyon Hemp seeds are packaged and stored in complete darkness at a low temperature to maximize germination rates.